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Lleyton's blog

My name is Lleyton Coombes. I was born on the 17th December 2006 and I have a very rare disease called Niemann Pick type c. (Sometimes referred to as baby Alzheimers). That’s why I can no longer talk, why I cannot learn to read or write, why I cannot dress myself, go to the toilet, started having seizures, can not walk with out my mums help and I now have a feeding button for medications but one day  will rely on this full time for feeds. At the moment there is no cure for my illness but the doctors are trying really hard to find a cure to save me!!!

Please support me and my family on our journey of hope. Our aim is to create awareness of Niemann Pick type C and raise funds for vital research in to  treatment or a cure for this devastating disease and most importantly Make memories as a family.






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Pride In Lleyton Appeal

Fundraising number 093816



* Fashion Show 22nd April 2020

*Ladies Night 3rd October 2020

*Fashion Show 28th October 2020

If you would like to be added to our mailing list for future events and ticket sales to avoid disappointment please email [email protected] 



Do you have a Talent, a service, bussiness, a venue that you could donate to help us out with future events, or do you have any ideas that could help us raise more awareness/funds and the Pride in Lleyton profile 

Lleyton is taking part of a trial and we have everything crossed that it can help and hopefully slow down Niemann Pick Type C.

We would like to say a BIG Thank You to Shop2Drop for there very kind donation of £1000, at the recent fashion show we held.

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As most of us know we always recieve gifts at christmas that we don't need or will ever use..

how about this year instead of putting them to the back of a cupboard to collect dust why don't you DONATE them to us for our up coming events and we will be able to make use of them on our raffles and at the same time you will be helping a small fundraising group..

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Fundraisin Ball

Saturday 29th February 2020...

Pride in Lleyton Appeal turns 10

and to celebrate Lleyton turning 13