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Lleyton's blog

I was born in Hope Hospital Salford on 17th December 2006.

My Mummy is called Joanne and my daddy is called Lee, I have a little doggy called Toodles. I have a very big extended family who all love me very much. I go to school and I love Mickey Mouse, Video games and WWE Wrestler John Cena and support Manchester City. So why am I so special that all of you want to help me and children like me?


Well when I was a tiny baby the doctors told my mummy and daddy that I have Niemann Pick type c, and it’s very rare and less than 100 people in the UK have it. That’s why I can no longer talk, why I cannot learn to read or write, why I cannot dress myself, go to the toilet and one day I will not be able to walk, see or hear. If I ever grow up I would like to be a wrestler like John Cena, or maybe a chef like my daddy, but at the moment there is no cure for my illness and the doctors are trying really hard to find a cure to save me!!!


after 5 months if intensive tests i was diagnosed with Niemann pick Type C, this is neurological illness that is life limiting and is a very rare disease, life expectancy 10 / 15 years of age, those affected will usually develop dementia as a symptom of the disease. There are less than a 100 children diagnosed with this condition in the UK and less than a 1000 worldwide Because of this there is NO Government funding. We need to raise awareness & funds for research into the FATAL condition & we need YOUR help. Please help us by fundraising for our cause, taking part in the events we organise, making a donation online or raising awareness of Lleyton's condition. Please follow us on Twitter and like our Facebook to spead the word and join us on our journey of hope.

Meet Lleyton - AKA Superstar!

Lleyton Macaulley coombes!

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Throughout the year we host a variety of exciting fundraising events. Keep up to date with our latest efforts and come along to join the fun. We love welcoming new friends to Lleyton's cause.

Colleen Nolan & Ray Fensome,

Corrie's Sacha Parkinson, Anthony Costa,

WWE Wrestler John Cena, Manchester United, Cadburys, Salford reds....

just some of Lleytons friends who we are eternally grateful to....